The most automated steel reinforcement factory in Finland

Sataraudoitus Oy takes care of the entire steel reinforcement production chain from manufacturing to installing. We serve customers all across Finland and our excellent and well-oiled delivery network guarantees efficient service and fast deliveries. 

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Experienced rebar specialists here to help you

Sataraudoitus Oy was founded in 2007 and we are long-line specialists in steel reinforcement. In our rebar factory in Pori, Finland, we manufacture rebar work also for large, demanding projects: windmills and bridges are, among others, part of our expertise. To be able to guarantee excellent quality for our clients, we constantly invest in new technologies. With each commission, our primary goal is to make the building work on site 

as smooth and cost-effective as possible for the contractor/customer who ordered the work from us. We offer rebar work for companies and private consumers throughout Finland. 

Choose a new-generation rebar contractor

There are many excellent reasons to choose Sataraudoitus Oy.

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All-round professionals in rebar

We know the rebar field through and through all the way from the first steps of the manufacturing process all the way to professional installation work at the site. We take care of the rebar work from small to large construction sites and no project is too demanding for us. 

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Excellent availability of steel

We can guarantee excellent availability of steel at at best prices thanks to our network of suppliers and our steel storage. This ensures our customers receive the highest quality in the field at cost-effective prices. 

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Customer-centered approach 

Due to our largely automated production, we are able to provide our rebar in the exact sizes/bunches that customers require. We are proud to say that our factory is the most automated reinforcement steel factory in Finland. 

Our end-to-end service

We offer a complete rebarring service for all types of construction projects, covering everything from family homes to bridges. We also provide all of the equipment and products needed for the job. The production takes place in our facility in the Pori Industrial Area, with good connections to the Finnish national road 2. Our services also include the transportation of reinforcement steel to all sites across Finland. 

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Our commitment for the environment

We care about the environment and ensure we protect it in our factory by, for example, recycling diligently and by investing in energy-efficient heating, lighting and machinery. 

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Rebar services from production to rebar installations on site.

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We provide rebar for various different construction projects.

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Rebar work for e.g. private homes. 

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See our current and finished rebar projects.

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Read more about the most pioneering rebar factory in Finland.

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Sataraudoitus Oy is a leading rebar factory serving customers across Finland. Contact us and request a quote for steel reinforcement work on your site!

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