The most modern rebar manufacturing plant in Finland

Sataraudoitus Oy is a specialist in reinforcement steel. Our new generation manufacturing plant relies on automation technology and the possibilities that investing in automation technologies creates. We serve customers across Finland.

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Our manufacturing plant is in Pori, in the Uusiniitty industrial area, with good connections, thanks to its location along Finnish national road 2.  Our modern factory has spacious facilities at 2,600 m².

Our production capacity is approximately 600 tonnes, with an annual capacity of about 24,000 tonnes. At the moment our production is divided into two shifts, which we have found efficient. 

Certified production

In our production, we comply with the national standard SFS 1267:2008 and are certified by Inspecta Sertifiointi Oy assurance services. In our production, we only use steel grades that have been approved for the Finnish market and we expect of our suppliers smelting certificates for each delivery and smelting batch respectively. 

We inspect each material batch arriving at our plant. We also run models of each production batch and they will be measured by our quantity surveyor. All steel that we use in our reinforcement and provide to our customers is always fully traceable. 

Efficient and automated rebar factory

Our production is highly automated. Our automated machinery is primarily new (from 2018), but we also use older machinery which has been modernised to a high standard. Our automated machines can operate yield strengths 6–32 mm as follows:

  • tying wire 6–16 mm

  • reinforcement bars 6–32 mm up to 18 metres in length

  • Satra-Roll mesh reinforcement 10–32 mm up to 12 metres in length.

Data processing systems

We use the Graphico system, known as one of the best in the field, to plan, calculate quantity and for manufacturing execution. For steel quantity calculation and quantity surveyance, we use CAD software and data modelling software. In addition, we use management background programmes and Graphico Shipping Bar production and logistics management programme. 

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We care for the environment

We take the environment into account at each production phase. Recycling is probably the simplest way to reduce the strain on the environment, and that is why we carefully recycle wood, metal, cardboard, paper and burnable waste. We have also increased energy efficient heating solutions at our facility and we only use LED technology for lighting. 

Investing in new machinery also protects the environment, as the new machines are energy efficient electro-pneumatic appliances. We also plan to implement a storage battery system running with solar energy in our factory by 2022.  


Sataraudoitus Oy has an efficient modern manufacturing plant in Pori and we serve customers across Finland. 

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