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Sataraudoitus Oy is a new generation rebar factory. We offer an end-to-end service all the way from production to rebar installations. Our services are available for all sites in Finland.

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A modern franchise

Sataraudoitus Oy, founded in 2007, is a franchise with a modern touch. Our internal dynamics is best described by three words: trust, openness and low hierarchy. Creating a working environment where our employees will be happy for years to come, is especially important to us. We are proud to say that our employee retention rate is very high, which attests to our success in this goal.  Our employees are engaged rebar experts, widely known in Finland for their expertise. Each staff member is trained as a new-starter according to our company culture. We want to provide our employees with all information and skills in steel reinforcement so as to turn them into even more robust professionals in their field. 

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Collaboration with top performers

At Sataraudoitus Oy, we believe in the power of collaboration to yield the best results. We constantly collaborate with top performers in construction and other fields in order to provide end-to-end rebar services for our customers, covering the entire steel reinforcement process.  During our years in business, we have created several fruitful partnerships, 

where the customer turns to us time and time again whenever they require steel reinforcements and professional rebar services. 

On the horizon

We seek to constantly improve our operations. We are pioneers in reinforced steel production automation and prefabricated components and will remain a pioneer also in the future. We will continue to invest in automation technology and in the development of production processes and thus ensure our growth as an end-to-end provider of reinforced steel for large and demanding construction projects. 

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Order reinforcement steel for any project from an experienced and highly skilled company. Sataraudoitus Oy serves customers across Finland.

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